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The year 2006 marked a turning point for the phenomenon Angélique. In Switzerland, the books were republished in a new edition of "Angélique L'Intégrale", in unabridged versions, as originally written by the author and the work of Anne Golon gets the first official fan webpage in the Czech Republic

This non-profit website is dedicated to Anne Golon and her book series Angélique was planned several years, but it was always postponed because of other projects. Madame Golon and her daughter Nadja, full of determination and energy, convinced me on a rainy day in Versailles, telling me, it is high time to finally start the project. In 2006, the first Czech website was born, all dedicated to the theme Angélique.

The large expansion wave came in year 2014 after we started the project Angélique International, with discussion forums in other languages, for now in German and in English. Our aim is to unite all fans of Angélique around the whole world.

Our goal is the International reconnaissance and elimination of myths, which were born in recent years around Angélique. Another part of our webpage provides the characteristic features about the time period of the Sun King: French architecture, art, literature and movies about the time period of Louis XIV. Especially with the historical research and in the mutual exchange, we see great growth potential for this website.

If no name is available for an article on the website, I am the author. A commercial as well as non-commercial use of the articles is not possible (or just with the permission of the authors). On the contrary, the pictures and newspaper clippings (especially everything in the section "Movies"), remains the property of the publisher or the production company. The other photos are original and the original version can be found mostly in the photo gallery below. In accordance with international internet law, we remind relevant information that the author and owner of a Czech site makes no ownership or copyright claims for any of presented novel and movie characters and situations.

Thank you in advance for any input and suggestions.
The contact:

• Jana Krátká (the founder; the conception and source code of the website)
• Janaina Vieira (translations, Portuguese version)
• Miriam Hessik (translations, German version; FB pages)
• Dagmar Heráková (polls, quotes; FB pages)
• Kateřina Václavíková (translations; FB pages)
• Taťána Ješetová (translations)
• Jana Hlavatá (translations; code of the pages)
• Hana Krátká (the graphic elements)
• and others...

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Angélique: Ve světě krále Slunce
Angélique: In the World of Sun King
Angélique: In der Welt des Sonnenkönigs
Angélique: Dans le Monde du Roi Soleil
Angélique: Nel mondo del Re Sole
Who is the author of Angélique?
The author of Angélique is Anne Golon (1921-2017), who started writing this historical novel in 1952. Her husband Serge Golon has helped her with the studies of milieu and historical sources in the beginning. The publishers of that time insisted on stating the name of a male author to give "more weight" to this work. For this reason there were referred as the authors the married couple Anne and Serge Golon for decades (more in section Anne Golon).

Why was not Angélique published for so long?
Angélique could not and ought not be published in the recent years. The novel Angélique was published in many countries in the nineties – but it was in the fact illegal. After the death of Serge Golon, the publishers said he was the sole author of the novel and Anne Golon lived in absolute poverty (see section Anne Golon - Present and Future). However, the copyright issues are basically resolved from 2006.

Where is possible to get all those books for the moment?
The old books: 1) Antiquarian, 2) Library; The new editions: 1) You can begin to read the new French editions - l'Intégrale; 2) You can wait for the new edition of 'Angélique l'Intégrale' in your country or in language you speak.

What is the difference between the new edition of Angélique novels and the old issues?
The book series of 'Angélique l'Intégrale' becomes for the readers a major event because there have been made the countless unauthorized modifications in old editions of Angélique series (the most significant changes have been made in the last volumes). Since April 2006, there was worldwide initiated new, progressive publication of the novel series Angélique, edition l'Intégrale. Anne Golon tried to rewrote all the Angélique books which have been edited and shortened by their publishers. The complete Angélique series are now finally introduced in new, unabridged and fundamentally improved version (more in section Books).

Is the book "The Victory of Angélique" a final part of the series?
No, it's not. Anne Golon worked on the final part of the series "Le Royaume de France" (The Kingdom of the France), which was supposed to be so extensive that it should include three brand new volumes. Unfortunately, had not so much time as she would wish to have. She asserted her readers that her heroes, they can only remain together. Anne Golon was also collecting the materials for the new sequel "Le Royaume de France". She accumulated a lot of materials, handwritten notes and researchs... (more in section Books).

Archange International Official website of the Company Archange International, which represents the rights of Madame Golon. The site contains valuable information about the novel series Angélique and the news about Anne Golon.

Anne Golon Page Very personal and very nice English website of J. Anna Ludlow dedicated to Anne Golon’s lifework. You can find many pictures, nice articles and various topics related to Angélique, Anne Golon, or for example how to using the Angélique as a plant.

Angelika na filmovém plátně (Angélique in movies) This is a very beautiful Czech webpage by Michaela Kroupová ("Zatinka") dedicated to the film Angélique. There you will find all the details about the movies that you might miss here.

Monteloup On the website of Brigitte Collet you will find basic information on the personalities of spouses Anne and Serge Golon and their works. The site is no longer updated, but it still contains many valuable informations.

Authologies The reputable French website. A brief summary by Brigitte deals on the page with the biography and the works of Anne & Serge Golon, and the works of them, about the writers dictionaries did forget.

Angélique The Belarus website by Anna and Olga, very rich in content and material. The website includes a discussion forum and a taken over database of the historical characters.

Marquise des Anges An informative website about Angélique from France. Sandrine deals with movies by Bernard Borderie, with the actors, Angélique in the theater, but most of all with the pictures.

La Marchesa degli Angeli Official Italian website dedicated to the extensive work of Anne Golon. Francesca Rossi provides various topics related to Angélique, the books, the movies and the historical facts.

FriendsofAngelique Mailing list, which runs already for many years, and is uniting lot of enthusiastic fans of Angélique around the world.

Angelique Series by Anne Golon The facebook page, which spreads the mailing list at Yahoo groups Friends of Angélique. You will find here Angélique fans from all over the world and the administrator from England J. Anna Ludlow.

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