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During the existence of this site, there have intrigued and charmed us so many quotes in the books! Let's go to remind those of them that were addressed to the main very heroine.

Will there prevail the utterances which are bringing her uniqueness, beauty and wit into Heaven, or, conversely, the words of her enemies who see her as a dangerous adversary or an enemy?

Illustrative image: Angélique a indomavel, Publicaçoes Europa América, Portugal
Author of the quiz: Dagmar Heráková, Kateřina Václavíková

1. "And surely, in the whole of the Palace of Versailles, there could not be a lovelier woman than your wife, Monsieur de Peyrac."
Ambroisine de Maudribourg
Marquis de Vardes
Grande Mademoiselle, Duchess de Montpensier
Marquis de Ville d'Avray

2. "You are like a flame beginning to sparkle and grow, full of self confidence, in a dark world that holds no terrors for you! Only now are you beginning to live; can you not feel it? When one is a very young woman one has to bear the burden of building one's life, of proving oneself."
Ninon de Lenclos
Sarah William
Abigail Berne
Marie-Agnès de Sancé

3. "...you are too close to nature. Your straightfordwardness, your essential balance cannot be satisfied with emotions which are extreme and to some extent unnatural. Your basic values lie on a quite different plane, and here you will always be at variance with those about you. (...) I should think - rather like the first woman created by God who took such delight in the fruits of Eden."
Father de Vernon
Father John, Abbot of Nieul Abbey
Raymond de Sancé
Abbé de Lesdiguières

4. "... always look ahead. Don't ever turn back towards your past. Avoid stirring up its ashes - those ashes that were scattered to the four winds. For every time you think of it, you will have a longing for death. And I shall not always be there to rouse you in time..."
Monsieur Molines
Osman Faraji
François Desgrez
Monsieur Savary

5. "You're only saying all this because your're jealous... because he's looking at me and not at you. For once in your life you're not the prettiest person around, Dame Angélique; soon it will be me who is considered the most beautiful, even by the men who admire you now. Look, this is how much I care for your advice."
Ambroisine de Maudribourg
Bertille Mercelot
Sévérine Berne
Athénaïs de Montespan

6. "You are one of those women who need to fight in order to achieve self-awarness, and to stay young and beautiful..."
Father John, Abbot of Nieul Abbey
Françoise Scarron
Father de Vernon
Abbé de Lesdiguières

7. "A woman adorned with every grace nature can bestow, with every charm of utter femininity, whose merest glance dazzles, whose every utterance, falling from those wonderful lips, leaves one for ever ravished, whose gentleness beguiles, whose violence bowls you over, with whom one never knows shether she is appealing to your strength to protect her charming weakness, or rousing your weakness the better to reveal her hidden, invincible strength, by making you want to cuddle up to that warm bosom as one would to a mother's bosom, a woman who leaves one for ever uncertain whether it is her quality of openness that is so seductive, or whether on the contrary it is her more formidable side. But one thing is certain, and that is that it is impossible for any male creature, or indeed for any creature at all, to be indifferent to her charms. A property, an irresistible charm that is, to my mind, the important and most subtle quality of any woman, of woman in her very essence..."
Claude de Loménie-Chambord
Joffrey de Peyrac
Etienne de Ville d'Avray
Jean Carlon

8. "I love the blending of your beauty and your character… The perfect way your body mirrors your soul. You have all the tricks of a woman, her cruelty, her sharp nails and yet you have not lost the tenderness of a mother… You are as changeable as the weather, yet as fixed as the sun... You seem captable of adjusting ti any situation, yet you cling with your Latin naïveté to whatever you have set your mind upon... You are like every other woman, but you resemble no one of them... I love to think of the life that lives beyond you, the promises of your old age. I love the poison that oozes from your smiles and from your tears."
Osman Faraji
Claude Le Petit, Gutter-Poet
Joffrey de Peyrac
Mulai Ismail

9. "Look at her, she is fascinating. What nobleness of bearing, how superbly proud she is! Very English, old chap. She is a good as Peyrac any day. She is holding her head high in spite of all glances hostility and reprobation, and she could scarely have shown greater arrogance had she been wearing the letter A ..."
Roland d'Urville
Baron de Saint-Castine
Gilles Vaneireick
Etienne de Ville d'Avray

10. "Your prudence does you credit, my friend. It is a rare quality, and a valuable one. Women are the only creatures even the most wary hunter regards as harmless, and he needs to be wounded many times before he learns wisdom. But I am going to tell you what your heart, which is already in the thrones of love, hopes to hear. Let this woman sleep beside you. She will neither weaken you nor cloud your judgement, for she herself is strength and light. Her heart is of pure gold and in it burns a gentle flame like the glow of the hearth inside a bark hut that greets the weary warrior on his return home and bids him sit beside it and rest."
Eloi Macollet

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