The Victory of Angélique

This quiz tests your knowledge of the book The Victory of Angélique / La Victoire d'Angélique

The plot is slowly returning to France. We meet Hortense, the King or Madame de Maintenon, and in the meanwhile there is Angélique with her children fighting for their life on the other side of the world. This quiz is based on the original edition of Angélique books.

Author of the quiz: Jana Krátká

1. Where did the Count de Loménie-Chambord know Henri de Rognier from?

2. Where did Honorine spend the last winter in Canada?
In Wapassou
In Montréal
In between Piksarett's Indians
In between Outakke's Indians

3. Marquis François d'Estrée de Miremont talked with Angélique about the news at the Court of the Sun King and about a new King's mistress with titian hair, Mlle de Scoraillé de Roussille de Fontange. What’s her first name?

4. At the beginning of which month is the Family de Peyrac coming back to Wapassou?

5. Where is the pharmacy-laboratory which the Count de Peyrac let to set up for Angélique?
In Gouldsboro
In Wapassou
On board of the ship Rainbow
In the Gouldsboro village barn during holiday

6. Who is Mme de Chaulnes?
She is about 40 years old and she is a maid of honor at the King's Court and the mistress of Cantor de Peyrac
She is about 50 yers old and she is an old widow and the mistress of Nicholas de Bardagne
She is an old friend of Angélique from Poitou and the mistress of Duke de Vivonne
She is about 40 years old and she is a maid of honor at the King's Court and the mistress of Florimond de Peyrac

7. What was hidden in the attic of Hortense Fallot? Hortense showed it to Florimond and Cantor.
A picture of Angélique and her sisters from their childhood
Angélique's gold dress from the time when she was introduced to the King
Angélique's dress of her wedding
Angélique's gold shoes, the last thing rescued from the complet gold outfit

8. Cantor recognized Ambroisine in Versailles. He has to return into Canada. Mme de Chaulnes says: The King will be angry because of your departure... What was Cantor's reply?
He will understand this
My brother will arrange this
I informed him
This is not important in this moment

9. What is the Outakke's bizarre way how to help Angélique?
To send her a red deer where is hidden a corn, beans, peas etc. inside his body
To send her a sack where is darned the Jesuit d'Orgeval, corn, beans, peas etc.
To send her the Father d'Orgeval and a map leading to meal
To send her two Indians with the traps

10. How is it possible that Cantor met the widow of Nicolas Parys at the King's Court?
She became the maid of honor of Liselotte d'Orléans
She was an old friend of Mme Colbert
She became the maid of honor of Mme de Maintenon
She became the maid of honor of Mme de Montespan

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