The Temptation of Angélique

This quiz tests your knowledge of the book The Temptation of Angélique.

Do you remember the story between Angélique, Joffrey and Colin Paturel? What happened in Gouldsboro? This quiz is based on the original edition of Angélique books.

Author of the quiz: Jana Krátká

1. Why did Angélique come back from Wapassou to Gouldsboro in the end of winter?
She needed to speak with Gabriel Berne
She needed to speak with Mme Carrère
She would feel lonely in Wapassou
Abigail Berne expected her first baby

2. During the trip to Gouldsboro they met the Jesuit, Father de Guérande. What were Joffrey and the Jesuit talking about?
About Angélique's past
About d'Orgeval who hates her
About the She-Devil who rides on a unicorn and about the Black Man
About the goblins who live in the mines and about the theories of some monk from Prague

3. An owl hooted near Angélique who shook herself in fear. Who said: "An owl - a bird of the witches."
Count de Peyrac
Jack Merwin
Duchesse de Maudribourg
Colin Paturel

4. Angélique attributed the Father d'Orgeval with one good thing, what was it?
He was Jesuit like her brother Raymond de Sancé
The secret of the green candles
His passion, when he was doing something
His ability to reach his goals

5. Who is a wife of Baron de Saint-Castine from Pentangoet?
His cousine
A daughter of Nicolas Parys
A daughter of the Indian Chief

6. When Angélique brought the child Rose-Ann to her English family... What was the mistake that Angélique did with Rose-Ann? And Cantor knew it but didn´t say anything to his mother.
Angélique forgot to announce herself before the arrival
Angélique spoke French only
Angélique didn´t know her own name - Claire
Angélique got dressed a girl into the red clothes

7. Who saw Angélique in Colin's arms on board of the ship, and who talked about it with the Count de Peyrac and his company thereafter?
Kurt Ritz
Hauer Fritz
Yann Le Couenec

8. When the Count de Peyrac appointed Colin Paturel as the Governor of Gouldsboro, he forced Angélique to go with the new Governor to the hall. Who was Joffrey's companion?

9. Where did the friendship between Joffrey and pirate de Vannereick begin?
On Saint-Lawrence river
On Mediterranean Sea
On Caribbean Sea
In the France

10. After Angélique's arrival to Gouldsboro, during the time, when Joffrey and Angélique didn't talk much together... Angélique spoke a lot with de Vannereick. What were his suggestions?
She should go with him on board of his ship
Who waits will get what she wants
He will try to speak with Joffrey, because he couldn't remember any the Count's behavior like this
She should talk with Ines, because she will need to find the solution and to do it quickly

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