The Countess Angélique

This quiz tests your knowledge of the book The Countess Angélique

Angélique and her family are making preparations for their first winter in the New World. During that winter period, Angélique is confronted with the illnesses, with various Canadian persons and especially with the lack of food. This quiz is based on the original edition of Angélique books.

Author of the quiz: Jana Krátká

1. When Angélique met Outakke in the forests for the first time, she was gathering some:

2. Who showed Angélique the best water springs near Wapassou?

3. How did Angélique get an idea to kill the wild geese and store them for the winter?
She knew this procedure from Monteloup
She knew this procedure from La Rochelle
She knew this procedure from the Indians
A wild goose attacked Honorine and Angélique killed her

4. How did Cantor get his Wolverine?
Wolverine came from the wood and knocked at the door
Cantor killed his mother and the little animal was alone
Honorine found him in the wood and brought him to Wapassou
Mopuntook, the Indian, brought the animal to Wapassou, because this animal is symbol of success

5. Who promised Honorine a scalp knife?
Eloi Macollet
Count de Loménie-Chambord
Lieutenant Pont-Briand
Monsieur Jonas

6. What was Florimond’s dream and his secret wish?
A tour to Mississippi and to discover a route to China sea
A journey around the world
A tour to China
A tour to South America and to discover a route to China sea

7. What was the topic of dialogue between Joffrey and Florimond during their trip to kill Pont-Briand?
Cantor and Honorine
Angélique and Charles-Henri
Mississippi and China

8. What was the illness of Count de Peyrac during the long winter in Wapassou?

9. What kind of snowflakes are the most dangerous? It is said that these snowflakes are more dangerous than winter snowstorms.
The spring snowflakes
The summer snowflakes
The autumn snowflakes
The winter snowflakes

10. Angélique informs her husband that the Indians which are in the tent of Eloi Macollet, are dying. Where is she at this moment?
She stands in the doorway of their house
She is in her bed
She is still in the Macollet’s tent
She stands in the doorway of her bedroom

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