Angélique, the Road to Versailles

This quiz tests your knowledge of the book Angélique, the Road to Versailles

Map out your knowledge about the period of the Court of Miracles, of the Inn of the Red Mask, and what all you remember from the life of Mme Chocolate and her journey to the Court of the Sun King. This quiz is based on the original edition of Angélique books.

Author of the quiz: Jana Krátká

1. Angélique asks what she has in her hair. Who answers that it is a strand of grey hair?

2. When Calembredaine with his company was burgling the house of the old scientist Glazer in the Faubourg Saint-Germain, there Angélique saw the poison "For ..." in a laboratory. Whose name is on the label?
La Voisin
Mlle Desoeillets
Le Sage

3. Angélique with Mlle de Parajonc attended lessons in Palais des precieuses. Once she said to her that she will from this day on attend only the lessons of music and dance. Why did Angélique suffer during the topics: origin of world, the materiality of the air, love and friendship etc?
She didn’t understand anything, it was too difficult
She imagined Moliere's comedy about these women
She remembered her childhood in Monteloup where she wished to become one of the great precieuses too
She had a feeling that she heard the voice of Joffrey de Peyrac and saw his eyes

4. When did Angélique arrive to Versailles for the first time?
June 21, 1666
July 22, 1666
September 4, 1660
July 21, 1667

5. How many seasons did Marie-Agnes de Sancé, a beautiful young Maid of honor, live at the Court of the King?
1 season
2 seasons
3 seasons
One half season

6. Angélique asked Desgrez, what he thinks of her future husband Philippe du Plessis-Bellière. What did he say?
I think you like more mysterious men
I wish you good luck
Handsome men aren't your thing
You should think more about your plan before you will marry him

7. How is it possible that Angélique knew all the names of men, who were in the Inn of the Red Mask during the night…?
She knew all of them
She knew it from Desgrez
She knew it from de La Reynie
She knew it from Philippe du Plessis

8. Angélique committed a few crimes. Which one did she describe to Desgrez?
The death of Great Coesre
The death of Calembredaine
The organization of the death of monk Bécher
The death of Bavottant

9. The card play for the Hôtel de Beautreillis: Angélique wants her palace back, but her opponent wants something in return... Who was he, and what did he want?
The Prince de Condé wants Angélique to become his mistress
Monsieur Lamoignon wants Angélique’s chocolate recipe
The Chairman of Paris Senate, Mr. Jomerson wants a share of Mme Morens in the Naval company
The Duke de Richemond wants Angélique’s intercession at Mlle de La Mothe-Houdancourt

10. Who called Angélique 'Madame Chocolat'?
Ludvík XIV
Philippe du Plessis

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