Angélique The Road of the Hope

This quiz tests your knowledge of the book Angélique, the Road of the Hope / Angélique, la Route de l'Espoir

Do you remember the details about the twins, their birth, their names and Angélique's traveling to Montreal? This quiz is based on the original edition of Angélique books.

Author of the quiz: Jana Krátká

1. Salem, the house of Lady Cranmer: Where did Honorine obtain the water for Angélique from?
From Lady Cranmer's basin
From the well in the cellar
From the well in the court-yard
From the kitchen

2. Ruth and Nomie were convicted to wear on the bodice:
Capital letter A (as adultery)
Capital letter B (as blasphemy)
Capital letter T (as thief)
Capital letter D (as difference)

3. Angélique met in Salem a person from Poitou:
Duke de Vivonne
Nathanael de Rambourg
Samuel La Morinière

4. How many children should Angélique have according to the prophecy of Catherine Mouvoisin, also known as La Voisin?

5. Raimon-Roger de Peyrac got his name after:
Raymond de Sancé de Monteloup, Angélique's brother
Roger de Peyrac, older brother of Joffrey, who died in the childhood
Raimon-Roger Cerbalaud, friend from Languedoc
Raimon-Roger de Castillon, legendary hero of Aquitaine

6. Who advised Jenny Manigault to entrust her son Charles-Henri to Mme de Peyrac in Wapassou?
Governor of Gouldsboro
Bertille Mercelot

7. Honorine was not able to sleep. She woke up in her bed in the middle of the night and sadly thought about "the trouble". Why was Honorine sad?
The Banister’s dog howled close to her room during the night
She was sure that the wolfs are hungry and she had a dream that she would give them some meat and take them home
The crickets, she didn’t know who was making the noise
The twins, they cried a lot and she thought that she must be the reason. And that’s why she wanted to leave

8. What color are Gloriandre de Peyrac's eyes?

9. Honorine had the nightmares about Ambroisine in Wapassou. What was the She-Devil's name in her dreams?
Mme Lombard
Mme de Gorestat
Mme Marguerite
Mme Beaumont

10. During Angélique’s and Honorine’s trip to Montreal, they visited Québec again. It was summer and almost everyone was out of the city. Nevertheless, they met a few friends. Who wasn't in Québec in this summer?
Janine Gonfarel
Mlle d'Hourdanne
Mme de Campvert
Mme de Castel-Morgeat

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