Angélique, the Marquise of the Angels

This quiz tests your knowledge of the first book Angélique, the Marquise of the Angels

Let us try to call back to our minds what we know about the country of swamps of Poitou, about the flowers and gifts that Angélique received from the Count de Peyrac, and let us take a look even into the dark Bastille. This quiz is based on the original edition of Angélique books.

Author of the quiz: Jana Krátká

1. What colour was the first dress which Joffrey gave as a present to Angélique?
White - the wedding dress

2. Toulouse, a city of flowers... which one of a bunch of flowers was the first personal gift of the Count de Peyrac to Angélique?
Roses and violets

3. The Marquis de Trémouille was once a guest of M. du Plessis-Bellière in his castle. How did the Marquis de Trémouille call the region of Poitou?
The land of deep forests
The country where lives the owl
The land of swamps and of the frogs
The Green Venice

4. The rarest test tubes in the laboratory of the Count de Peyrac were:

5. Who was the neighbor of Mr. and Mrs. de Peyrac at the King's wedding in St-Jean-de-Luz? Angélique did not know her, but she brought her hairdresser Binet for to help her.
Henriette d'Orléans
Athénais de Montespan
Anne Marie Louise de Montpensier
Madame de Gramont

6. Monteloup: Angélique overheard a conversation between the Baron de Sancé and Molines about the breeding of mules and the possibility to send Hortense to the monastery and Josselin in the army... Angélique asked what would happen to her. What did Molines promise her?
He promised to buy new clothes for her and her sister
He promised her a husband
He said that her brothers will be able to study in a monastery
He said that she could remain in Monteloup

7. Which animal has Joffrey grown in the laboratory?
The rats
An owl from the woods in Nieuls
The frogs from India
A salamander from China

8. When Joffrey was in the Bastille, what did he do with the spiders?
He taught them how to dance
He taught them how to go backwards
He has sorted the spiders by the size
He has eaten them

9. How's died father of Joffrey, the old Count de Peyrac?
He was killed in a battle
He was poisoned
He drowned in a small pond in the park
He died in bed, where he was busy with Madame de Bellegarde

10. Angélique is waiting for Joffrey in bed. She falls asleep. When he finally shows up at dawn, what does he say to her?
That he had a meeting with the nobility of Aquitaine
Not now, my love. I carry a kayak
I was in the middle of an experiment I could not drop
Too much bookkeeping, my love, the new mines are problematic

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