Angélique in Revolt

This quiz tests your knowledge of the book Angélique in Revolt

We return to the country of green woods and swamps in Poitou, where Angélique begins her rebellion against the King. We focus on her meeting with Rescator and the events that had preceded their journey to the New World. This quiz is based on the original edition of Angélique books.

Author of the quiz: Jana Krátká

1. When did Florimond inform Angélique about his dream of a rainbow country, where his father and brother live?
When he played chess with Angélique
When they were in the wood
When they were in the kitchen
When they were in his room

2. Honorine was born with one peculiarity. What was it?
She had red hair
She had mole like a heart on her shoulder
She had mole like a star on her shoulder
She had longer forefinger than middle finger

3. How did Gontran de Sancé die?
He fell from the ladder during the work on a fresco in Versailles
He was killed because of his debts
He was executed in front of Versailles
He was poisoned

4. Which person from her past did Angélique meet in the Abbey of Nieul?
Jean-Marie de Sancé
Denis de Sancé
Albert de Sancé
Josselin de Sancé

5. Whom had Captain Jason been working for (before Rescator)?
For the Duke de Vivonne
For Colbert
For M. de Millerand
He worked always for Rescator only

6. When Angélique met Monsieur Rochat in La Rochelle, they spoke about the Mediterranean, about Rescator and Angélique's famous escape… In the end of their conversation he wished her:
Good luck
That she will successfully return to the Court, where is her real place
That she could start a new life in the New World
Rescator's ship anchored in La Rochelle so he could kidnap her again

7. Angélique's first meeting with Rescator in La Rochelle: He asked her how many singers of psalms she wants to send on his board. How many Huguenots did Angélique confess him?
Approximately 20 and she didn’t confess 10
Approximately 30 and she didn’t confess 5
Approximately 40 and she didn’t confess 10
Approximately 60

8. Everyone has to leave La Rochelle… Who was the last person on the beach before an embarkation on board of the Gouldsboro?
Nicholas Perrot
Mme Manigault

9. Huguenots must leave La Rochelle very quickly. What had Mme Manigault got on her handcart?
Majolica of Palissy
Czech glass
Venetian lamp
Meissen china

10. What was Angélique's answer when Rescator asked her, which of Huguenots on board is Honorine's father?
It isn’t important now
He died
I didn’t find him yet
Her father… it was Neptune

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