Angélique in Québec

This quiz tests your knowledge of the book Angélique in Québec

The long winter is more pleasant with many merrymaking in the form of walks, balls, evening gatherings and love affaires. This quiz is based on the original edition of Angélique books.

Author of the quiz: Jana Krátká

1. The Twelfth-night ball: Who welcomed the guests in the castle Saint-Louis in Québec?
M. de Frontenac - Mme de Castel-Morgeat
M. de Frontenac - M. de Peyrac
M. de Frontenac - Mme de Peyrac
M. de Frontenac - M. de Castel-Morgeat

2. Why didn't Angélique use her red velvet dress how she planned for the ball?
Because she hadn't red velvet dress in Québec
Because Mme de Catel-Morgeat had red dress and it would be inappropriate
Because she couldn’t find her diamond pin for the bodice and also the Count de Peyrac was dressed in different shade of red than she planned to use
Because she was ill what makes her to be modest in the selection of clothes

3. Who was the secret ally of Joffrey in Québec? And when did Angélique say Joffrey that she already discovered his identity?
Bishop de Laval; and she revealed it in the castle Montigny
Governor de Frontenac; and she revealed it in the castle St-Louis during the spring
During the snow storm in Angélique’s bed; and it was Father de Maubeuge
During the ball she mentioned that she invited Monsieur de Lonchamp Haubourg

4. The first night in Québec. Joffrey dressed in black finally arrives and Angélique runs downstairs... In that moment the old Eloi Macollet wakes up in his coffin – and scares Angélique. What is Joffrey’s reply?
Good evening, Monsieur Macollet, I am sorry that we disturb you from your sleep.
For heaven's sake, what are you doing here? I would expect you in your bed...
How long are you sleeping here...?
Madame, who is it again, your new admirer? I told you I'm going to come...

5. Who from Québec enviroment had the nickname "Eleonore of Aquitaine"?
Sabine de Castel-Morgeat
Angélique de Peyrac
Solange Berrichons
Eleonore de Saint-Damien

6. A police station in Québec: What was on the table of policeman Garreau d'Entremont, when he asked Angélique about the Count de Varange etc.?
Maleus Maleficiarum by Cranmer and Sprenger
Art of Courtly love by Le Chapelain
The plate of cabbage from the Governor´s garden

7. Why did the company of the Duke de La Fierté visite Mlle Cleo d'Hourdanne during the winter? The true reason was:
They wanted to rob her jewelry
She lived opposite de Ville d'Avray's house, where Angélique lived so it was the easy way how claim the news about Mme de Peyrac
They asked her about the news from Europe
They were her true friends

8. On the flag of the Count de Peyrac, there was the same silver coin as on the flag of Rescator. There were different only the colours:
Rescator's flag was red - the Count's was blue
Rescator's flag was blue - the Count's was red
Rescator's flag was red - the Count's was green
Rescator's flag was black - the Count's was white

9. Who was a mistress of Florimond de Peyrac in Québec?
A daughter of Mme Le Bachoys
Bérangère-Aimée de La Vaudiere
A daughter of businessman and carpenter in Québec M. Prunelle
A daughter of Mme de Mercouville

10. The first day in Québec: Whom did Honorine come at the Main Square of Québec with?
Florimond and Cantor
Joffrey de Peyrac

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