Angélique in Love

This quiz tests your knowledge of the book Angélique in Love

Do you remember what happened on board of the Gouldsboro, what was the first food and what was the reason for Joffrey's behavior? This quiz is based on the original edition of Angélique books.

Author of the quiz: Jana Krátká

1. What was the first meal for Huguenots on board of the Gouldsboro?
A stew with vegetables
A salted meat
A cabbage
The biscuits

2. What happened the second day on board of the Gouldsboro?
Angélique gives cabbage to Honorine
Rescator speaks with Gabriel Berne about Angélique's past
Gabriel Berne asks Angélique to marry him
Rescator and his Arabian doctor visit Maître Berne

3. Where did Mezzo Morte try to kidnap Cantor?
In Tunisia
In Palermo
In Venezia
In Malta

4. Where was the ship Gouldsboro built?
In Boston
In New York
In Salem
In La Rochelle

5. Day 10; Rescator called for Gabriel Berne. Why does he want to see him?
He needs to speak with Berne about passengers behavior
He wants to be sure that the wound on Berne’s hand is from Angélique’s teeth
Because he knows that Berne is in a hurry preparing the wedding with Angélique
Berne's wounds are still opened and he sends him his Arabian doctor

6. What was Rescator's gift for Honorine on board of the Gouldsboro (before the execution of Abdullah)?
The emerald
The diamond
The big blue sapphire
The ruby

7. The New World: It's an evening and Angélique baths Honorine. Joffrey comes... then, there is told that Angélique is a good shooter. To demonstrate her skills, Angélique shoots at:
A big cone on an old pine tree
Some bird sitting on the tree and screaming
A dry branch
A real target

8. The first meal that Angélique cooked after her arrival to the New World:
A ragout
A fish soup
A lobster
The eggs mimosa (les oeufs mimosas)

9. What was Rescator's gift for all the new Gouldsboro women after their arrival to the New World?
The mirrors
The porcelain
The steam boilers
The blankets

10. The New World: It is a morning and Angélique came to decision to go to Gouldsboro, where her husband lives. Crowley warns her of the Indians in the woods and that no one can leave this place... but she does. She saw a beautiful cornfield where some flowers were in the bloom. Which one?
Corn poppy
Oxeye daisy

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