Angélique and the Sultan / Angélique in Barbary

This quiz tests your knowledge of the book Angélique and the Sultan / Angélique in Barbary

Let's go through the Mediterranean in the footsteps of Angélique, Savary and of the pirates, until we get into the harem. What do we know about 'mummy' and Osman Faraji's hobbies? This quiz is based on the original edition of Angélique books.

Author of the quiz: Jana Krátká

1. Who informed Florimond and Cantor about the man, who let build the well and secret tunnel?

2. Angélique on the Greek island Hermes: What did the Marquis d’Escrainville show her?
The little streets, labyrinth
A big grove of olive trees and towers of minarets
An avenue of sculptures with God Eros
A cell with cats

3. How does the flag of the Knights of Malta look like?
Black field with white cross
Red field with white cross
White field with red cross
Blue field with white cross

4. Mezzo Morte claimed that the Count de Peyrac is dead. How did he die in Mezzo Morte’s version?
He was killed
He was drowned
He died of the plague
He died of the smallpox

5. How did Angélique drink coffee?
With sugar only
With various spices
With liqueur
Coffee only

6. Savary’s discovery: Why is the 'mummy' in solid state in Morocco and in liquid state in Persia?
Because there is high temperature in Persia
Because there is high temperature in Morocco
Because these two substances aren't identical, and a new question is which one is the real mummy
Because the salt evaporates the mineral mummy

7. What’s the hobby of Osman Faraji?
The birds (mostly flamingos) breeding
The tortoises breeding
The elephants breeding
A culinary art

8. Angélique’s escape from Candia: She carried away some Rescator's things. But one thing was not a gift from Rescator. What was it?
The clothes
The necklace
His cloak
A cup of coffee

9. Who is the fountain serviceman in the Mulai Ismail’s garden?
Esprit Cavaillac
De Kermouer
The Marquis de Vaucluse

10. The island in the Mediterranean, all the galley slaves ran away: Nicholas tried to rape Angélique, but in the end he fell from the cliff and he died. Who helped Angélique and "killed" Nicholas?
M. de Millerand
M. de Vivonne
M. de Lageneste
M. de Saint-Roman

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