Angélique and the King

This quiz tests your knowledge of the book Angélique and the King

The poison affairs, spies, intrigues, Angélique's second marriage. Do you remember how the King called the couple of Angélique and Philippe du Plessis? This quiz is based on the original edition of Angélique books.

Author of the quiz: Jana Krátká

1. Angélique woke up in the morning in the convent, where she was kidnapped by Philippe's valet. What were her plans for this day?
To visit the grand ball in Fontainebleau
To watch the new Molière's comedy in the park of Versailles
To see the new ballet by Lully in St-Germain-en-Laye
To go for the deer-hunt with the King and his Court

2. Charles-Henri was born on the 7th of January. That means that yesterday was the day of the Three Wise Men. Who became the King/Queen, because he/she found the bean?
Abbé de Lesdiguiéres

3. How did Angélique get the apartment in the King's chateau?
It was the apartment after Mme de Gramont who was King's mistress for only one season
Angélique bought the flat from Mlle de La Vallière
Angélique vanquished M. Bontemps. He is the man responsible for apartments assignment
Angélique wore her stockings in the Queen's antechamber, the King came and gave her a kiss. She slapped him and explained that she had no place in Versailles to change her clothes.

4. Mademoiselles de Gilandon were spies at Angélique. Who advised her these Mademoiselles?
Mme de Roquelaure
Mme de Croissy
Mme de Choisy
Mme de Chaulnes

5. Angélique received a letter: "I renounced of love and devoted my heart just to friendships." Who is the author of this letter?
Ninon de Lenclos
Mlle de Scudery
Mme de Sévigné
Mme de La Fayette

6. Angélique needs to speak with Athénais. But she is too busy…, but Angélique throws her chambermaids out and says that she can help her. What did Angélique help her with?
Getting dressed
Choosing the right rings
Finding the shoes
Making a fantastic hairstyle

7. How did the King Louis XIV call Angélique and Philippe?
Apollon and Latone
Mars and Venus
Hades and Flora
Orpheus and Pomone

8. Where did Angélique go at the moment when she received the King's documents about the fact that the Count de Peyrac wasn't burned?
She went to the park
She went to the palace de Beutreillis
She stayed in antechamber
She returned to the Plessis chateau

9. Whose relationship was described by the Marquise de Sévigné as "Sweet romance and tender tears"?
Louise de La Valliere and Louis XIV
Marie Mancini and Louis XIV
Mlle de La Mothe-Houdancourt and Louis XIV
Mlle de Fontanges and Louis XIV

10. Florimond said Angélique that somebody wanted to poison the King. Who was involved in this affair?
The client: Mme de Maintenon; the maker: de Brinvieliers; the distributor: Bontemps
The client: Mme de Montespan; the maker: de Saint-Croix; the distributor: M. de Bouillon
The client: Mme de Montespan; the maker: La Voisin; the distributor: Duchesne
The client: Louvois; the maker: Glazer; the distributor: Louvois

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