Angélique and the Ghosts

This quiz tests your knowledge of the book Angélique and the Ghosts

Where did the mysterious Count de Varange appear, who invited the kids for the snack, who is the mysterious King's envoy and how is the family de Peyrac going to prepare for an arrival to Québec? This quiz is based on the original edition of Angélique books.

Author of the quiz: Jana Krátká

1. What is the name of place, where Angélique saved Joffrey during his meeting with Count de Varange?

2. Who invited Honorine and Cherubino for the snack? They both arrived but their parents thought that the children were kidnapped.
Aristide Beaumarchand
Nicholas de Bardagne
Colin Paturel
Jean Carlon

3. The Marquis de Ville d'Avray stole the wine of Monsieur de Bardagne. The wine was of French origin. What was exactly the vintage?

4. The Marquis de Ville d'Avray embarked Rene Dugast's ship Saint-Jean to get some wine under the pretext that...:
There are the letters from Mlle d´Hourdanne for Marie-Gabrielle, the widow of the King of Poland
He didn´t explaine anything
There are the letters from Marie-Gabrielle, the widow of the King of Poland for Mlle d´Hourdanne
He is worried about the health of the passengers

5. When Angélique had the appointment with Monsieur de Bardagne as "blind date", it was already after dark. She didn't know who that man is, but this person reminded her of:
Nicholas from the Court of Miracles
Her first husband
Her second husband
Claude le Petit

6. Who met Molière when he was young and had a wish to be an actor too?
Etienne de Ville d'Avray
Jean Carlon
Sebastian d’Orgeval
François d’Arreboust

7. How did Angélique signe her letter for Desgrez?
Angélique de Peyrac
Mme du Plessis-Bellière
Mlle de Sancé de Monteloup
Marquise of the Angels

8. Who first identified Florimond, who met his family during the voyage to Québec?

9. Delphine du Rosoy offered Angélique to help her with the clothing and to get dressed. Why did Angélique refuse the help of Delphine?
She had the mark of lily, and if this secret will be revealed by the chambermaid, everyone would know that...
Angélique suspected Delphine of a cooperation with the She-Devil
She didn´t want too many chambermaids as in the days at the King's Court
Margot helped her to get dressed

10. What kind of dress was Honorine wearing for her arrival to Québec?
A red dress
A blue dress like the sea
A pink dress with flowers
A gold dress like the sun

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