Angélique and the Demon

This quiz tests your knowledge of the book Angélique and the Demon

The journey across the French bay in the companion of sweet Ambroisine is mysterious and lined with the strange events and deaths... This quiz is based on the original edition of Angélique books.

Author of the quiz: Jana Krátká

1. How many the Defour Brothers live in Acadia? The brothers, which the Marquis de Ville d'Avray hates...

2. What was the scientific topic, about which the Duchesse de Maudribourg spoke during the evening party in Gouldsboro, and she flirted at that...?
An ebb and flow
An eclipse of the Sun
An eclipse of the Moon
A displacement

3. How did Joffrey describe to Angélique an appearance of Marquis de Ville d'Avray before she met him for the first time?
He is little ugly dwarf
He looks a little as Savary but more understand science
He is something between M. de Chaulnes, M. de Créqui and M. de Gramont
He is something between Péguilin de Lauzun and Fouquet and has got something from Molière too

4. The colour of Angélique's and Ambroisine's stockings:
Black with gold
Red with gold
Black with silver

5. Who cared for Angélique when she has flu in Acadia, and cooked the soup for her...?
Marquis de Ville d'Avray
Abigail Berne

6. The colour of Joffrey's waistcoat, which Angélique found at Ambroisine who said her that he forgot his waistcoat there because he is her lover:

7. Angélique found among all the things from Europe: the stockings, black clothes and other clothes, and... something for Honorine. What was for her?
The books from Harward
A pink clothes from Greece
A hunting clothes for little noblemen
A school book of chemistry for beginners

8. Port-Royal: Mademoiselle Radégonde de Ferjeac organizes a performance, open-air theatre. She wished that Angélique would play:
A witch
An angel

9. Whom did the She-Devil leave Acadia and sail to France with??
Captain Phipps
Job Simon
Nicolas Parys
The Basque fishermans

10. The nickname of Duchesse de Maudribourg among her company of killers, in her messages:

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