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Compare Angelique Movie 2013 versus Book
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Author:  Marquise Angelique [ 19 Jan 2018, 00:05 ]
Post subject:  Compare Angelique Movie 2013 versus Book

Scene with Angelique and Nicolas -

Just to make it clear:
I am not talking about camera work, or about the actors - just about the plot

the conversation between them and the relationship of them two is far away from the plot in the books ...

and that end of the story .... as she goes to find her children Making Angelique murder! :o :budu_zvrcacet:
the Nicolas from the books was for sure not a angel - but he would for sure help Angelique save the children ... :ok:
this one is a completely idiot which has nothing to do with the Nicolas from the book-series

Why , just why, somebody changed the brilliant stories from the books to a stupid stories? :roll: :roll:

Angelique would never-ever kill somebody just like that. Angelique killed just once!
Grand Coesre - for to defend herself and her child. And that was completely different story.


in the books was Nicolas a good looking young man - On her wedding day said Angelique to herself that she
wish that her very first time would be with somebody young and pretty
Nicolas was just a peasant, but GOOD LOOKING peasant :!:

for a 17 years old Angelique at the time she got married,
in that time, in 17th century, was already Joffrey, who was 12 years older "an old man" 8-) ....

I would say, not just the wrong plot: wrong casting for NICOLAS as well ......

Author:  Marquise Angelique [ 19 Jan 2018, 00:31 ]
Post subject:  Re: Compare Angelique Movie 2013 versus Book

In the book, sadly could Angelique never visit Joffrey in the prison - although she wished for

and the readers wished the same with her ....

we can just imagine, how the conversation between Joffrey and Angelique would have been,
if she could speak to him in the prison -
but I can hardly imagine it would be this kind of conversation ....

but for the romantic in this video I can just say: :ok: :ach: :troubadour: :ach:


Author:  malgga [ 21 Jan 2018, 16:43 ]
Post subject:  Re: Compare Angelique Movie 2013 versus Book

Marquise Angelique wrote:
but for the romantic in this video I can just say: :ok: :ach: :troubadour: :ach:


This scene is my favourite scene in the whole film (to me there were quite many moving scenes in this film)! It is also the first scene in a film that ever made me cry, because I was so touched!

And when I watched this scene now again, I noticed how sexy Gerard Lanvin's voice is.
To me the making Joffrey more mature in the film than in the book was even more plausible (it always seemed too strange for me that a man of 30 was so wise, mature and rich).
Besides Mr. Lanvin is full of charisma and even behind his disfiguring make-up you can see that he is a hottie.

And Nora Arnezeder is the perfect, ideal Angelique.

One can say what one wants about Ariel Zeitoun, but in the case of Nora and Lanvin he was a master of casting.

However, Mathieu Kassovitz as Nicholas is very, very miscast. For one, he is too old to be Angelique's childhood friend and second, to me he is neither handsome nor charismatic. Thankfully he has only a very minor role in the film.

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