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Discussion about new website and this board
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Author:  jeanne [ 12 Jun 2014, 08:58 ]
Post subject:  Discussion about new website and this board

Hi all,

welcome to this new discussion forum about our favorite books. I've heard, there are some troubles with the title of this webiste. ;) Although I really appreciate all comments concerning the title, I'd really like to preserve the title.

Firstly, this title ("Angélique: In the world of Sun King") is the official title of the website since 2006 and this new website will be exact "copy" of the original Czech version translated into other languages. Simply said, the Czech version just extends into other language versions.

And secondly, the title is in my opinion more tnan exact, because the Sun King is the central figure of the 17th century, where our favorite Anglélique books take a place. Even in many scientific monographs you can find that the 17th century is labeled as the age of the Sun King. His great governement affected almost everything in the Europe as well as in the New World (of ocurse, especially in New France and New England).

Louis XIV is active character in few Anglélique books only, but he is mentioned about million times in each Angélique book, because Angélique & Co. can live wherever and their lives are still very very affected by Louis XIV, who is the "main character" of the book serie. As we know, he is not simply positive or negative character in the Angélique books, he is the character who just has to influenece everything! It's sad, but Anglélique and Joffrey don't live in their own world. I just mean that Angélique's 17th century, especially in western Europe and on the east coast of North America is the world of Sun King...

Author:  Marquise Angelique [ 12 Jun 2014, 12:13 ]
Post subject:  Re: Discussion about new website and this board

Well I understand well your point of view. King Louis XIV's influence was very strong
in the life of Angelique, in France & in Canada as well.

But the title "The World of Angelique" could be nice as well.
Anyway I find "Angelique - In the world of Sun King" OK. ;-)

Author:  jeanne [ 13 Jun 2014, 10:10 ]
Post subject:  Re: Discussion about new website and this board

And this is why the title is just "Angélique".
Subtitle is "In the world of Sun King".

Author:  Marquise Angelique [ 03 Sep 2017, 14:45 ]
Post subject:  Re: Discussion about new website and this board

If some of you do have some questions to missing parts of the English books, you are cordially invited to our discussion forum.

Don't be shy. If you like you can open there your own topics by yourself with the things you would like to talk about.
EVERYBODY can do that.

At the moment we can offer discussion in 4 languages as you see by the flags on this website, up there in the right corner. (Portuguese is the new one)

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