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Spanish fashion as Rescator's outfit
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Author:  Marquise Angelique [ 28 Sep 2014, 11:14 ]
Post subject:  Spanish fashion as Rescator's outfit

Rescator’s Style, Clothes & Outfits

Since Rescator was famous for its diabolical and mystery elegance style. The enigmatic pirate captain deserves his own column in Style & Fashion of 17th century.

Rescator was tall and thin, and wore a black costume of a rather old-fashioned Spanish cut. The cuffs of his tight boots were trimmed with gold tassels, and he wore a red kerchief about his head in pirate style, topped with a big black hat trimmed with red feathers. The one indication of his Islamic persuasion was his full cloak of white wool embroidered in gold, floating in the breeze.

Whith a shiver Angelique realised how closely he resembled pictures of the Devil himself and his whole being seemed emanate a fascinating cruelty.*

Angelique & the Sultan, Part Two Crete, chapter seven

* originaly and in many other translations he did look like :twisted: :twisted: Mephistopheles :twisted: , and there is no a word about cruelty, just "a kind of fascination"......

"Angélique pensa avec un frisson qu’il ressemblait à Méphisto. De sa présence émanait
une sorte de fascination."

Mephistopheles :twisted: :D


Author:  dauphine [ 29 Sep 2014, 13:21 ]
Post subject:  Re: Rescator’s Style, Clothes & Outfits

And there are some pictures how I imagine "old-fashioned Spanish cut" - something beetwen fashion of Spanish mannerism and early baroque fashion. The best for me are paintings of spanish king Felipe IV. from 1620s and 1630s




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