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Nicholas Merlot in the work by Anne Golon
(p. 116) The groom, a broad-shouldered Hercules, raised his head. Brown locks of hair fell over dark eyes that glowed with a familiar matice.
(p. 117) "He's the most mischievous devil in the whole region, nobody can keep him down. Neither tilling the land nor tending mules interests him. Lazy and touser of wenches, that's what your former companion's become, Angélique." The young man did not seem at all ashamed of his master's judgement. He continued to gaze at Angélique with a board smile that disclosed his white teeth, and a boldness that bordered on insolence. His open shirt revealed a broad, dark chest.
(p. 128) Nicholas stood quite close to her, as in the old days, but now the lithe, lean boy with his squirrel face towered over her by a head, and through his open shirt-front she breathed the rustic smell of manly skin, tanned and covered with black hair. She saw his powerful chest slowly rise and fall, and she felt so stirred she did not dare to raise her head, certain that, if she did so, she would meet his bold, burning eyes.
GOLON, Sergeanne. Angélique, the Marquise of the Angels. London: Pan Major, 1961.

Nicholas Merlot in the work by Anne Golon
(p. 19) He was as tall as Rodogone and broader. His tattered clothes showed his sinewy arms and hairy chest. Well set-up, his legs wide apart, his thumbs stuck in his leather belt, he stared at the gipsy insolently. His athletic body ws younger than his hideous face under its bushy grey shock of hair.
(p. 21) Angélique now had before her a young man with rough features, whose short black hair curled over his squaze forcehead. Deep-set brown eyes under bushy brows were gazing at her.
(p. 22) Perhaps that was why this tattered personage, this Hercules in rags and a black beard, who was striking his chest saying "I am Nicholas....I am Calembredaine," seemed to her like and unreal phantasy.
GOLON, Sergeanne. Angélique, the Road to Versailles. London: Pan Books, 1966.

The proposed faces for Nicholas Merlot
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Miroslav Šimůnek

Wade Dominguez

Daniel Day-Lewis

Santiago Cabrera

Rodrigo Santoro

Nicholas Merlot

Miroslav Šimůnek
born 1978-04-05, Prague, Czechoslovakia
height: 1.82 m
Z pekla štěstí (Honza) 1999, TV series Ulice (Viktor Verner) 2005, Svatba na bitevním poli (Tomáš Doubrava) 2007
Daniel Day-Lewis
born 1957-04-29, Greenwich, London, England, UK
height: 1.87 m
The Unbearable Lightness of Being (Tomas) 1988, Gangs of New York (Bill 'The Butcher' Cutting) 2002, Will Be Blood (Daniel Plainview) 2007
Rodrigo Santoro
born 1975-08-22, Petrópolis, Rio de Janeiro, Brazil
height: 1.90 m
Carandiru (Lady Di) 2003, Love Actually (Karl) 2003, TV series Lost (Paulo) 2006-2007
Wade Dominguez
born 1966-05-10, Santa Clara County, California, USA
died 1998-08-26, Los Angeles, California, USA
Dangerous Minds (Emilio Ramirez) 1995, Shadow of Doubt (Bobby Medina) 1998
Santiago Cabrera
born 1978-05-05, Caracas, Venezuela
height: 1.83 m
Haven (Gene) 2004, TV series Empire (Octavius) 2005, TV series Heroes (Isaac Mendez) 2006-2007