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Louise de La Vallière in the work by Anne Golon ...
... & the real Louise
(p. 201 - 202) The King's favourite, Mademoiselle de La Vallière, had a somewhat large mouth. She also had a slight limp. People said that this gave her a special gracefulness and did not prevent her from dancing delightfully, but the fact was there: she limped. She had no bosom. People would compare her to Diana, talk of the charm of hermaphrodites, but the fact was there: she was flat-chested. Her skin was dry. The tears caused by the royal infidelities, humiliations at Court, and remorse had put dark rings around her eyes. She was becoming thin and dry. Finally, as a result of her second maternity, she suffered from an intimate disability of which Louis XIV alone knew the details. Louis XIV ... and the Gutter-Poet. And, out of all these hidden or admitted misfortunes, out of these physical handicaps, he made an astonishing pamphlet, full of wit, but so wicked and crude that even the least prudish citizens avoided showing copies to their wives, who promptly asked their servants for them.
If you limp and have just turned fifteen
Have no bust to boast of, nor senses that are keen,
If for parents you have God knows whom,
If, a fresh maid, you make sons in the anteroom,
Then the first man in the realm to you will make love:
La Vallière is the proof thereof.

So the song began.
GOLON, Sergeanne. Angélique, the Road to Versailles. London: Pan Books, 1966.

(p. 37) Beside the King rode his favorite in her red habit. The excitement of the hunt had lent a rosy glow to her thin face, and disguised its sallow pallor in which there was no true beauty. Nevertheless Angélique perceived in it a delicate charm that aroused a secret pity in her.
(p. 162) In the house where some shelter had been reserved for the favorite, she commanded the lackeys to build up the fire. Then she passed the warming pan between the damp sheets, prepared a tisane, and put Mademoiselle de la Vallière to bed with such unrelenting authority that the Duchess did not dare protest. Under the coverlets which Angélique heaped over her, she seemed terribly frail. The epithet "gaunt" which a vindictive pamphleteer had bestowed upon her seemed hardly exaggerated. Her bones stuck out through her skin. She was in the seventh month of pregnancy, her fifth in six years. She was only twenty-three years old. Behind her already was the greatest love affair any woman could hope for; before her a long long life of tears.
(p. 293 - 294) In the Queen's antechamber Angélique found Madame de Montespan completing her toilet with the help of all her suite. (…) Louise de la Vallière was on her knees, helping pin her. (...) La Vallière, who had got on her knees again to help her rival, raised her pale, watery blue eyes towards Angélique.
GOLON, Sergeanne. Angélique and the King. London: Pan Books, 1969.

The proposed faces for Louise de La Vallière
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Calista Flockhart

Keira Knightley

Romola Garai

Natalie Portman

Avril Lavigne

Katherine Heigl

Zuzana Norisová

Sarah Wayne Callies

Louise de La Vallière

Calista Flockhard
born 1964-11-11, Freeport, Illinois, USA
TV series Ally McBeal (Ally), 1997
Natalie Portman
born 1981-06-09, Jerusalem, Israel
Star Wars: Epizode I (Queen Amidala), 1999; Goya's Ghosts (Inés), 2006
Zuzana Norisová
born 1979-01-24, Malacky, Czechoslovakia
Rebelové (Tereza), 2001; Milenci a vrazi (Jana), 2004
Keira Knightley
born 1985-03-26, Teddington, Middlesex, England, UK
The Pirates of the Caribbean (Elizabeth), 2003-2007; Love Actually (Juliet), 2003
Avril Lavigne
born 1984-09-27, Belleville, Ontario, Canada
singer; Over the Hedge (dubbing possum Heather), 2006
Sarah Wayne Callies
born 1977-06-01, La Grange, Illinois, USA
TV series Prison Break (Whisper), 2007
Romola Garai
born 1982-08-06, Hong Kong, British Crown Colony
Dirty Dancing II (Katey), 2004; Vanity Fair (Amelie), 2004
Katherine Heigl
born 1978-11-24, Washington, District of Columbia, USA
King Of The Hill (Christiana), 1993; TV series Grey's Anatomy (Izzie), since 2005