John Noone: The Man Behind the Iron Mask

NOONE, JOHN. The Man Behind the Iron Mask. Palgrave Macmillan Trade, 1994. ISBN 0-312-12345-0.

Abstract: For more than three hundred years the legend of 'the man in the iron mask' has held a place on the stage of human enquiry and debate. From the time of his incarceration during the reign of Louis XIV right through to our modern day, the awful fate of the man condemned to live a lifetime with his face encased in iron has inspired, depending on the era, anger, horror, pity and fascination.
Published to coincide with the 300th anniversary of the death of the prisoner at the Bastille, this account of the mystery of "the man behind the iron mask" presents all the known facts of the prisoner's existence chronologically as they have been discovered.
(The official abstract of publisher)

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