Meeting of the readers of Angélique books in Prague: September, 2008

The first meeting of readers of the Angélique books was held in early September, when the summer did not want to yield to the autumn, at the Prague cafe Krásný Ztráty (The Beautiful Losses) near Smetana embankment. The organizer was Andrea, one of our colleagues who resided in Prague at that time. This place was symbolic in a way that we have gathered from all parts of the Czech Republic, and in addition there has arrived Kristýna from Slovakia.

On a hot summer day, there have met together ten of enthusiastic readers for the first time. Thanks to website they have found they are not alone in their preoccupation with this book series. Among the topics which we are discussed, there belonged all our favorite characters, the question of how long we are the devoted readers and what is our relationship to the films.

The own meeting was planned ahead of time and was associated with the release of a new series Angelique l'Intégrale. A great success that we had ever overcome, was considered ten participants. At that time no one was able to reliably predict who of us will persist in doing this fateful book series in the coming years, who will return to this book series by Anne Golon and will share one's own interest in the future, and who was more likely in temporary interest.

Jana Krátká

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